In 1982 I was drafted onto the newly formed 848 NAS as part of Operation Corporate to retake the Falkland Islands . Embarked on Atlantic Conveyor , the rest is self explanatory – but one particular (pretty grainy) picture of one of our aircraft on them after flight deck prompted a thought about my exact requirements .

So , the call was made .

The date of this eludes me , but it was the start of the process to get the model as exact as possible given there were no significant drawings , measurements , details etc for them to go on – all they had was my ongoing descriptions plus pictures (mainly from Internet Searches).

Professionally (and pleasingly) they would build in stages , run the stage past me for comment etc , remodel accordingly and progress to the next step.

The major headache (I believe) for them was the fact I wanted an open cabin and clear cockpit – with all the integral detail.
Over the course of 18 months we had many (lots …) of calls and discussions …it was very important to me to get the model to replicate the picture of “WT” as exact as possible – I must have been a complete nightmare for these guys , but they persevered and I couldn’t have received a better service and (my) Wessex 5 in Gunship role is superb .

Many thanks to everyone involved in its build.

Now , about my Lynx …..